YFM Album is an unnamed album that was going to be released in the Winter of 2012, but cancelled when Ray left Maker.

Songs Edit

NOTE: There were songs that were recorded just for the album but they were never found. These are the known YFM songs.

  1. My Balls
  1. Zombie Love Song
  1. Bottles of Beer
  1. Club Villain
  1. The Stereotypes Song
  1. The Unofficial Smithers Love Song
  1. Orphan Tears
  1. Mr. DoucheBag
  1. Bitch Got a Penis
  1. Grandma Got a Facebook
  1. Tig Ol' Bitties
  1. Fight To Win
  1. Stalkin' Your Mom
  1. Robot Bar Fight
  1. 8-Bit World
  1. Puppet Break-up
  1. Whip Yo Kids
  1. Booty Store
  1. Nerd Rage!!!
  1. Epileptic Techno
  1. Dookie Fresh
  1. Santa Hates Poor Kids
  1. Shitty G
  1. Friend Zone
  1. She Looks Like Sex
  1. We Like Them Girls
  1. Alien
  1. White Boy Wasted
  1. Complicated
  1. Take Over The World
  1. Text Me Back
  1. Jupiter
  1. Road Rage
  1. My Balls (Alternate Rock Cover)
  1. Boom Headshot (YFM Mashup)

Covers Edit

  1. Just a Friend
  2. Somebody That I Used To Know
  3. Fight For Your Right
  4. Love The Way You Lie
  5. Alien
  6. High Voltage

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