RWJ vs. Smosh is a crossover of RWJ and Smosh. This video celebrates Smosh beating RWJ at #1.

RWJ vs. Smosh

RWJ vs. Smosh

Videos Reviewed Edit

  • Chubby Kid Home Run
  • Automatic Toilet (reviewed by Ian)
  • Jazzercise (reviewed by Anthony)

Ian's Version of =3 Edit

Ian has a hairstyle resembling Ray's hair. He says that he's Ray. He reviews the toilet video. Then he makes his own version by replacing Ray with Smosh while their heads are on the toilet. When Ian says "HOLY SH*T!", it cuts to Anthony and Ray. Anthony says "I got a little kid here with me man" and Ray says "What?".

Ray's Version of Smosh Edit

Anthony: Hey, Ian!

Ian: Hey, Anthony!

Anthony: This is pink! Isn't that funny?

Ian: (random scream)

Anthony: POKEMON!



(both cry randomly)

Shut Up! Opening Edit

"Our audience is made up of 9-year-olds! SHUT UP!"

Subscription Ending Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • If you click an annotation, it takes you to a video called "the gayest guy you will ever see in your life".
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  • This Marks The 2nd Appearance Of Ian Hecox Mocking Ray
  • This Is A Sequel To Smosh's Hot Robot Slave(Which Ray Appeared At The End)