Catt Lauer

Catt Lauer

Catt Lauer is a character that was first introduced in the episode CATT LAUER. He is a cat puppet who is a news correspondent for 9Lives news that appears on the scene of videos to report what's happening. However, he tends to do a rather poor job.

Catt once hired a hooker, but he assures he did not hurt her as she was a hooker. Additionally, Catt appears to be a smoker, as he had a cigerette in his mouth at the beginning of a news segment.

Catt claims to have fourteen kittens.

Fired Edit

In the episode Birthday Episode, Catt was fired by Ray and subsequently killed by gunshot to the head. However, he came back later in the episode, stating how he has nine lives, and later reappeared momentarily in Everybody is Gay before he's dismissed angrily by Ray and quietly mumbles, "Catt Lauer reporting." In Nut Shot Trilogy, Ray promised Catt that if he allowed him to smash a vacuum cleaner into his testicles, then he would be allowed back on the show. After getting hit, blood splattered from his crotch to the camera, and he exclaimed, "I don't have a dick!" and then quietly said, "... Catt Lauer reporting...."